27 February 2014

Printable fun jar labels

I've had these jars at home now for a few months and they are great.  Today I decided to spruce them up a bit with new lovely labels.

Workout Jar - this is good if like me you get bored with normal home exercise.  In conjunction with this workout jar, I use a free HIIT app for my phone and sweat it out in my little garage.  Using paddle pop sticks, I wrote out different quick exercises that I could do on my own such as 30 sec plank, 30 second squats, 60 second treadmill jog, 30 second kettlebell figure 8's.... Pretty much anything that is short and easy to do solo that I can get my heartrate up, kind of like my own little mini cross fit class at home! I love the idea of not knowing what exercise is coming up, fun and variable each day!

Boredom Jar - great for kids.  Even Ella who can't speak to say "I'm bored" needs this jar.  On a heap of paddle pop sticks, I wrote out things that she loves doing but wont normally just go and do it herself like "read a book", "play hide & seek", "dress ups", "go for a walk", "painting", "play doh".  Basically anything your kids like doing.  Then when they say "I'm bored" you can get them to pull out a stick and have some fun doing something they love that they may not have thought about doing at first.

Positivity Jar - I started this jar when I was having a really bad week.  It made me come up with something positive, no matter how small, that was happening in our lives.  It's been great as it makes me see a bad day in a different light.  I just got some small post it notes and stuck it to the top of the jar so there was always note paper handy.

These jars are also a great way of using up containers that you have laying around.  For the workout & boredom jar I used some of Ella's empty vitamin containers and for the Positivity jar I used an empty protein shake container.  And now I have some cute labels for them that I can share with you!

Get the kids together and make it into an activity of its own setting the jars up!

Download labels here.  :-)

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