25 February 2014

Protein Bliss Balls

We love these little balls.  I try to have a container of these always ready in the fridge/freezer as they make a great little healthyish snack!

Protein Bliss Balls
Makes: 38 balls (approx)

  • 50g dates (pitted)
  • 50g sultanas
  • 50g all bran
  • 60g LSA
  • 100g oats
  • 2 weetbix
  • 75g seed mix
  • 80g protein powder (chocolate)
  • 85g applesauce (homemade)
  • Coconut for outside of balls
  1. In a food processor, blender, bellini or thermomix (whichever machine you use), blitz up dates and sultanas.
  2. Add remaining ingredients and process until all blended together.
  3. Using melon baller, scoop mix out and with wet hands roll into smooth balls and roll in a tray of coconut.
  4. Store in air tight container in fridge or freezer.

ENJOY! :-)

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