30 March 2014

Rewards Chart printable

I started reading an article the other night from a teacher who said she thinks reward charts and the the like aren't good to use as it teaches the kids you need an incentive before you do something.  I didn't finish the article as I didn't agree, not for our situation anyway.  Encourging Ella to do certain things can be really hard.  I am a true believer that not one way of parenting works for all, you do what works for you today as next week its sure to change anyway!!!!  So, for us a rewards chart works well as recently Ella has started to understand a bit better.  It still doesn't work somedays but if I have to bribe her with a special star to get her to brush her teeth you bet I will!   Besides as adults we are more likely to shop or use services if we get bonus points, or something more out of it, so whats the difference???

So if like us a simple rewards chart would work for your kids, I thought I'd share mine.  We like to keep things uncomplicated here and generally her weekly reward is small things, like a playground trip or a library visit or swimming.  I'm so grateful that Ella is happy with anything, especially if we make it sound exciting! 

My tip is to laminate this sheet so you can use it each week.  Get the kids to colour in the stars in texta or whiteboard markers so wipes off easily!

Download chart here.

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