12 April 2014

Breakfast Baguette

I woke up this morning and wanted something a little more than my normal fruit smoothie so I got to thinking and saw the left over baguette stick sitting there just going stale...  I had seen something recently and thought why not try it out.  I'm so glad I did as it was so yummy! I'd definitely do it again next time I had left over baguette.

Breakfast Baguette
  •  Carefully hollow out a well in the baguette making sure you leave the ends in tack to hold the mixture in.

  • Make your favourite egg mixture and pour into the well then bake for 15-20mins or until egg completely cooked (depending on size you make). My mixture was egg, cream, spinach, bacon, salt & pepper.
  • Wash it down with a lovely fresh juice!  My juice today was apple, grapefruit & raspberry, so refreshing.

ENJOY! :-)

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