21 April 2014

Feta Stuffed Chicken

I love chicken, I could eat it every night so I'm always on the hunt for new ways to serve it.  Well ways that are affordable and easy!  I tried this the other night cause I had some feta to use up and they were so yummy!  Next time I might add some butter to top to stop them drying out when baking, but otherwise they were so good!

Feta Stuffed Chicken
  • In a small bowl mix together, feta, lemon juice, thyme, crushed garlic and salt & pepper (quantities will depend on how much you are making)
  • Make a pocket inside chicken and stuff mixture into it.
  • Sear chicken in a hot frypan then bake in oven until cooked. (add oil or butter to tops to stop from drying out during baking, or cover in foil for half the baking process)
ENJOY! :-)

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