15 April 2014

Hassleback Potatos

I love potatoes in any form, but an all time household favourite is these hassleback potatoes.  I don't make them often as they take awhile to cook and I tend to forget til its too late to get them in the oven.  There so many varieties of these you can do, cheesy, bacony, garlicy...  spice them up anyway you like! 

Hassleback Potatoes

  • Make slits in the potatoes about 3/4 way through leaving the base intack so they hold together.
  • Put butter into most of the slits (I like to use my homemade herb & garlic butter).
  • Drizzle with olive oil and salt and bake for 45-60mins at 180 degrees.
  • I add my cheese on top (the ones in photo have parmesan cheese) in the last 15mins so the cheese doesn't burn. 
  • Time will depend on the size of your potatoes.
  • Add bacon pieces, or cheese, herbs or spices, either way you'll have a lovely dish!

ENJOY! :-)

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