17 April 2014

Stuffed Baguettes

I love breaking open a fresh baguette, but I always seem to have at least half of one left over that goes stale the next day.  I hate wastage so I tried something out to use up my half a baguette and it was really good so I thought I'd share it!

Stuffed Baguette
  • Using a long serrated knife, carefully hollow out the inside of the baguette, making sure not to break the baguette.
  • In a bowl, mix together your filling of choice (for mine I used shredded chicken and chive cream cheese).
  • Stuff mixture into the baguette, pushing down with a blunt knife.
  • Once stuffed, wrap in cling and let set in fridge for a few hours.
  • Slice up and serve!
These would be great for a plate of finger food at a party and best of all the filling choices are endless. 

ENJOY! :-)

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