01 May 2014

DIY Zoo Toy Storage

Ella loves stuffed toys and like most little girls, she has a massive pile of them that never seem to look neat no matter how much you tidy up.  I did some googling the other day and saw this thing called The Zoo and it was amazing, but way too expensive for my tight budget.  So I got to thinking and did some rearranging in her playroom and today while she was at kindy we got in and made this, in under 10mins!

So happy with how it ended up and so much easier to see all her stuffed toys instead of them just being ontop of each other in a toybox in the corner.

All we did was screw some wide elastic onto the front of our ikea expedit cube (making sure you pull the elastic nice and tight and double over the ends) to create the 'zoo bars' then the soft toys can be squashed in any which way!

Simple and easy and looks so cute!

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