23 June 2014

Creamy Chicken Pie with Spelt Shortcrust Pastry

I made the Quirky Cooking Spelt Shortcrust Pastry over the weekend for my creamy chicken and vegetable pie. Another awesome recipe which is in her new wonderful cookbook (highly recommend her book, I am so in love with it!!!)


To make the pie, blind bake pastry base first.

Filling for my pie: (made in my bellini, instructions should work for thermomix also)
- 50g butter
- 50g spelt flour
- 500g milk

Cook at 100° for 13mins speed 1 with butterfly attachment.
Remove butterfly, then added:
- small handful of grated cheese (mix of tasty and parmesan)
- salt, pepper and parsley
- 250g of shredded cooked chicken (I have some already cooked and pre-shredded ready for times like this or lunches)
- couple handfuls of your choice of vegetables, I used broccoli, carrots, peas, corn
Mix on speed 1 for a few minutes until all combined.
Pour into pastry base and roll put pie lid.

Brush lid with milk so browns up nicely.
Bake at 180° for approx 20-30mins
Let rest for 5-10mins before cutting up.

ENJOY! :-)

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