25 June 2014

Date Paste

With dates on special this week it was a good time to stock up on these yummy sugar substitutes and make some date paste for quick easy uses. 


Date Paste:
- 560g fresh medijool dates
- 700ml of semi hot water (some filtered tap, some boiling)
Soak dates in water for about an hour (keep water after soaking).
Remove seeds and blitz the dates using a few Tbsp's of the soaking water to form a creamy smooth paste (add water gradually until you get the consistency you want).

Use this paste to replace sugar in many things like smoothies, pancakes, porridge, cakes basically anything you want! Stores in fridge for a week or so or even in the freezer for a few months! 

* EDIT - originally I said it stores in fridge for a week.  I currently have some in my fridge that I made nearly 4 weeks ago and its still fine!  Use your own discretion as you will know by smell and sight if its turned. *

ENJOY!  :-)

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