08 June 2014

Making my own cream and then butter

A few weeks back I was poking around the internet and just searching random things and came across this site that said you could make your own cream.  Hmmm I thought, that would be cool.  I found lately I haven't been making much homemade butter etc as in my neck of the woods the pure cream isn't cheap unless the shop is marking some down for quick sale (in which case I scoop it up).

Anyway I thought it would be cheaper to make my own cream so I can make my own butter.  Now most people probably thing why bother, but not me, I like to try these things out.  Plus I didn't believe the site as I'm a 'see it to believe it' kind of gal.  So I read the post and thought 'really? butter and milk makes cream, then I can make butter'.  I know, I know it seems like such a strange thing to want to do but I did anyway.

I did a bigger batch than the post specified as figured why not.  Plus the post only mentioned using it for a pasta sauce, I wanted to test it out to see if I could whip it and make butter and you wouldn't believe it.... but it worked!!!!

Here is what I did with my trust Bella (aka Bellini, aka fake Thermomix)
Into the jug went:
 - 250g unsalted butter, cubed
 - 250g lite milk
4 mins @ 90 on speed 2 (did an extra min than original post due to the larger quantity)
Then 30 seconds @ speed 8 to emulsify it
Poured it into a jug and set in fridge

500ml of yummy pure pouring cream

4hrs later I pull the jug out of the fridge and followed a new butter making techniquire I learned from Jo at Quirky Cooking and 10mins later I had 600g of spreadable butter plus 200ml of buttermilk! It whipped so much faster than the shop bought cream. Sometimes the shop stuff takes nearly 10mins to whip and churn to butter, this was churned in 3mins!!!

Total expenses:
250g butter     = $1.49
250g milk       = $0.25
200g olive oil = $1.10
$2.84 for 600g of REAL SPREADABLE butter... THANK YOU BARGAIN SAVING!!!!

Normally that would have cost me approx $5.50 so I see that as a saving.  Most people might not have the actual time available to warrant doing it this way but I do and I'd rather save $$$ if its only costing me time.  My next experiment will be to use the homemade cream into ice cream...  stay tuned!!!!


  1. So going to try this tomorrow! Thanks!! Love my Bella too!! :)

    Julia :)

    1. Thanks Julia! Im excited that I can make cream now for times I dont have it on hand. The butter was a bonus of the experiment. LOL

  2. please excuse my ignorance but you need butter to make cream to make butter????

  3. Yeah i know its weird, but the aim was to make cream, making the butter was just a bonus. Really wanted to just do cream as I dont always have it on hand. Making butter was just something I thought to do as I dont have any at moment. Next time it will be cream used for something else, like ice cream or in a pasta etc :-)