29 August 2014

Almond & Pistachio Flourless Biscuits

I made a double batch of homemade ice cream yesterday so today I had 4 egg whites to use up.  I thought of making macaroons again but didn't like the idea of that much white sugar as it sent Ella a bit hypo last time.  So I got to thinking maybe I could do it slightly differently so they aren't so sweet.  So off I went using the same recipe I've used previously from Super Kitchen Machine I just changed it up a bit, doubled the nuts & eggs but not the sugar.  Obviously they failed as traditional macaroons, but boy do they taste awesome especially with the left over frosting from the pear & pistaschio muffins I posted they other day.

Even without the frosting centres these are so yummy. Once cooled completely they become super crunchy biscuits that are slightly chewy in some spots, with a nice caramel type taste with much less sugar.  Yum yum, win win!!!  Ella didn't want to try them as they weren't white, but we still enjoyed them!

I don't count these as a total fail, maybe a failed macaroon, but they are still super delicious and completely edible as a flourless biscuit!

Almond & Pistachio Biscuits

  • 75g pistachios, shelled
  • 75g almonds
  • 130g rapadura
  • 15g white sugar
  • pinch of salt
  • 140g egg whites (approx 4 egg whites)
I used both my Bellini jugs for this so I didn't have to stop and wash up inbetween.  If you don't have 2 jugs, just wash up & dry the jug and lid before whipping the eggs.
  1. Have some baking trays ready with silicone mats or good quality parchment paper.  This quanity of mixture required 3 baking trays.
  2. Place the nuts in the jug and blitz for 10-15 seconds on speed 9. 
  3. Add the rapadura and pulse 2-3 times to mix together. Set aside.
  4. In the clean jug, attach the butterfly and whip the egg whites, salt and white sugar on speed 4 for 5mins.
  5. Gently scoop out the egg whites into a bowl and slowly fold the nut/rapadura mixture into the egg whites with a silicone spatula.
  6. Once completely mixed (doing it gently so you don't loose all the egg white fluffyness), scoop mixture into a piping bag (I just use a large ziplock bag and snip the corner) and pipe onto silicone mats into 50c piece size rounds.
  7. Once all the mixture has been piped out like you would macaroons, tap the trays to release any air bubbles and place in cold oven and bake at 120 degrees for approx 20-25 mins.
  8. Remove from oven and allow to cool completely.  (the mixture will be really soft still but once cooled it hardens)
  9. Enjoy them as a plain biscuit or add a centre filling of your choice and enjoy them like a filled biscuit.
Next time I might even try mixing up the nut flavours!

ENJOY!  :-)

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