25 August 2014

Herb Salt & Mint Sugar plus printable labels

I had an excess of herbs this past week, some which I was given that needed using up and some from my herb garden that I wanted to trim and tidy. Instead of just freezing them I decided to make something with them for myself and as gifts.

I saw Jamie Oliver make a mint sugar a few weeks ago and thought wow that looks awesome and so I gave it a go. Then I thought why not try a savoury version too, and here is the outcome.  The salt is an awesome seasoning, so much flavour! I haven't yet used the sugar, apart from taste testing it straight from the jar, which was yum on its own (I love mint so couldn't resist LOL) but would be nice in a cup of tea.

Mint Sugar
Use equal parts sugar to mint (1 cup sugar, 1 cup of fresh mint).
Blitz up until all the mint is completely chopped up.
Store in jars and keep away from sunlight (so I read somewhere online)

Herb Salt
Do roughly the same for the herb salt.
1 cup of salt (it shouldn't matter what type, mine is made up of half sea salt and half coarse salt)
1 cup of mixed herbs (mine is thyme, rosemary, basil and sage).
Blitz until all the herbs are completely chopped up.
Spread out mixture over baking tray and bake at low heat approx 110° until dried out (approx 15-20mins). Leave in tray to cool then store in jars and keep away from sunlight.

I used speed 9 on my Bellini for both these.

Since I was making these as gifts I even made up some cute printable labels.  Each page has a few small ones, for tiny jars like herb jars and 2 larger labels incase you use a bigger jar.  I hope they come in handy for you if make these as gifts.

Download labels here

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