23 September 2014

Parmesan Chia Crackers and Beetroot & White Bean Hommus

I realised I had only put this cracker recipe up on my facebook page but not here on the blog for easy searching. Silly me! Well here it is, my go-to super easy Parmesan Chia Cracker recipe for all those like me with a major savoury cracker addiction.  I normally pair it with this vibrant Beetroot White Bean Hommus Dip. Yum Yum!!!!!  

Parmesan Chia Crackers

  • 30g parmesan
  • 30g butter, soft or melted (plus extra for brushing)
  • 155g flour of choice (1 cup) I have made these with white, wholemeal and spelt flours
  • 20g chia seeds
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 80-120ml water (depending on your flour)
  1. Preheat oven to 150 degrees and get a silicone baking mat ready.
  2. Place parmesan in thermomix bowl and mill on speed 10 for approx 10 seconds.
  3. Add butter, flour, chia seeds and salt to jug and start mixing it on speed 5 while gradually adding the water (you don't want to use too much).  The dough needs to resemble a heap of tiny little balls.  You want it combined, but not wet and sticky, making it easy to roll out.
  4. Roll out dough on a silicone baking mat, score into desired shapes (I use a clean playdoh plastic roller cutter as you should never use metal cutting blades on silicone mats!).
  5. Brush the top with a little bit of melted butter and bake 20mins or until slightly browned (time will depend on the thickness of your crackers).
  6. Allow to cool completely before storing in air tight container in cupboard.

Beetroot & White Bean Hommus

  • 800g beetroot (fresh or canned/drained)
  • 400g cannellini beans, drained
  • 200g sunflower seeds
  • Juice from a lemon
  • 2 tsp ground cummin
  • 2 tsp ground coriander
  • Pinch of salt & pepper
  1. Blitz everything together until you achieve your desired consistency on speed 6.
  2. Add more spices to desired taste if need be.
We even use this dip as a spread on hamburgers too!
ENJOY!  :-)

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  1. I love this beetroot dip. So good to find one that is dairy free AND delicious! Thank you!