17 October 2014

Vanilla Bean Paste

Last time I made vanilla bean paste I used the Changing Habits recipe because it seemed to be the best option without massive amounts of sugar like other recipes I had seen, however I wasn't really happy with it.  Firstly the recipe called for 1 cup (170g) of maleo however 1 cup of the maleo was nearly 240g so straight up I was confused, which do I use, 170g or 1 cup....  anyway...  My other issues was it didn't really blend that well and still had big pieces of bean in it and I didn't want to strain it and lose heaps of those tiny little specks of pure gold, plus it was really runny and didn't seem to be very vanilla-ery.  So I was determined next time I was due to make vanilla bean paste I would make it my own way.

So here I am to share my version of vanilla bean paste.  Let me know if you try it out what you think.  This is another perfect Christmas gift idea for that friend or family member that is an avid cook!

If you are looking for great value vanilla beans, you can get them through a co-op or I've recently been told Vanilla & Co is a great option. Much cheaper and better quality than those shriveled up, dried, over priced beans you get from woolworths or coles!

Vanilla Bean Paste

  • 10 vanilla beans (thick juicy ones, not dried ones)
  • 100g maleo (I had some leftover from my last batch in fridge, use this recipe and you could probably do half batch)
  1. In a very dry thermo jug, mill the vanilla beans for 1min on speed 10.
  2. Scrape down the sides and add the maleo. 
  3. Mix for 30seconds on speed 5.
  4. Pour into a sterilised jar, keep in the fridge and use as required.
  5. Don't wash out that jug, make something that requires vanilla to use up every last bit of those tiny specks of total yummyness!!!!!  (I made creamy rice pudding with the leftover plain rice from dinner last night) 
ENJOY!  :-)

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