27 November 2014

Santa's Magic Key free printable tag

Here in hot sunny Queensland, Australia we don't have chimneys, so how does santa get in.... with a magic key of course!  A friend told me about this idea and I loved it and I was all ready to buy one online then walking through spotlight I found a cute set of keys in the scrapbooking section and I thought 'why not make my own'.

I made 2 so I could give one to my other friend (who I know isn't super crafty to make her own) and of course I decided to share my tag so you too could make your own.

I have also made a Christmas Eve box for Ella that has a new set of PJ's, a Christmas disc, some snacks and Santa's Magic Key, which she can hang on the tree so Santa can get in.  I saw this box idea on Pinterest and have been so excited to put something simple yet magical together for Ella.  Here is what the box looks like (before I wrapped it all up).

It's really starting to feel like the silly season is here.  Am loving all these awesome traditions we are starting with Ella now that she is starting to uderstand a little better.

I hope your kids love their Magic Santa Key, you can download the tag file here.

ENJOY!  :-)

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