30 December 2014

Free Printable Household Organiser

The new year is almost here and I am planning on being more organised in 2015.  Searching pinterest there are heaps of printables but I couldn't seem to find any that suit my needs. So I decided to just make my own and once I started I realised 60 pages later that be nice to share them. A few pages I've shared previously but have given them a new fresh look.

 The pack includes:
  • Cover Page
  • Weekly Menu Planner
  • Food Stock Inventory
  • Shopping List
  • Recipe to Remember
  • To Do List
  • Cleaning Schedule
  • Handy Tips
  • Bucket Lists for 2015
  • Weight Loss Motivation Chart (with example page)
  • Warranty Information
  • Website Tracker
  • Bill Payment Reminder (with example page)
  • Saving Schedule
  • Budget Worksheet (with example page)
  • Important Contacts (3 pages)
  • Birthdays & Anniversaries
  • Contacts A-Z (1 page per letter)
  • Calendar (1 page per month)
60 pages to print and use as you wish.  Some pages you could laminate so you don't have to keep printing them out, my laminator broke so until I find a new cheap one I'll just keep printing :-)

I hope they come in handy for you to help stay motivated, keep organised and save money in 2015.

Download pack here.

ENJOY!  :-)

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