10 December 2014

Nut and Date FREE bliss balls

I was lucky enough to be gifted a huge bucket of sulatanas this week and since I was out of dates I decided to put them to good use and make a nut and date free bliss ball.  Like I've always said, you can never have too many ideas for bliss balls, and these are perfect for school lunchboxes as they are nut free!!!!

Nut & Date Free Bliss Balls

  • 150g sunflower seeds
  • 150g shredded coconut
  • 150g sultanas
  • 100g frozen blackberries (or any type of berry)
  • 25g cocoa powder (or cacao)
  1. Blitz the seeds & coconut on speed 7 for 7 seconds in thermomix.
  2. Add remaining ingredients and blitz on speed 7 for 25 seconds.
  3. Roll into balls (using damp but not too wet hands works best)
  4. Allow to set in fridge and store in an air tight container in the fridge or freezer.
A yummy and healthy snack, whats not to love!

ENJOY!  :-)

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