21 June 2015

Homeschooling Update #2 plus free printables

The last 2 weeks on our homeschooling journey has been fun filled and full on. It's amazing how much more you can achieve during the day when you take out school and stress. We find our mornings a lot more relaxed and not rushed (unless we have apts to get to, which is rare) and this alone makes for a better day ahead. We try to do our daily writing etc of a morning but if we cant it doesn't matter as the best part of HSing is we can do it any other time during day or evening if suits better.

We had a few rainy days here this past week so some indoor activities were on the cards. Ella is loving board games (she never used to) especially her sight word games. We change it up each time, either she has to find a word that rhymes with the word she lands on (after she reads it) or needs to make a sentence with that word in it. Rhyming she has down, but she struggles with sentence building so the other day when she came out with a few new sentences during the game unprompted I was so excited and scared her a bit when I yelled out my excitement, whoops (I should come with a warning: excited mum syndrome lol).
Ella loving her board games, especially before bedtime!

One afternoon when the rain was light, we donned the raincoats and went on a rain walk. Ella was so intrigued by the raindrops and how there were so many in different shapes and sizes and how they 'raced' each other down the leaves when she wiggled the plants. She enjoyed looking at them thru her magnifying glass and catching some that were dripping off the leaves.

Our rain walk showed how beautiful nature looks after the rain.

We also had a birthday party for her tiger teddy as a food experiment. She happily helped make the cupcakes and prep the food, but wasn't too interested in eating and got a bit overwhelmed when our friend turned up so she took a little time out for herself out on her book nook before rejoining the party. Baby steps, can't win them all!

Party time for teddy! Food experiment, not a total success this time.

We had another trip to the library and we found a time telling dvd that she seems to really like, and so far has picked up the terms of time telling even if they aren't yet used correctly (eg: look mummy its quarter past half an hour) mmm close sweetie but we will keep working in it! She is also loving reading more and more. We take turns, I read her a book and then she reads one of the beginner learners books. Team work!!! We even watched an elephant doco (at first Ella wasn't too keen but then got right into it saying how cute the baby elephant was and asking why the old one died etc).

 It's so great the library has so many different types of resources available.

This week I have started getting her to fill in the blanks as part of her writing practice. She needs a little prompting but did surprisingly well. I also found an idea on pinterest the other day with a caterpillar and sight words so I made something up and laminated them and she enjoyed writing a word on each circle and making a little sentence (even if it was a sentence she learned from an ipad app and not her own). 
Trying to make writing fun!

Here are some of the other things we have enjoyed doing these past two weeks.

We meet a new HS friend at the local park where we fed the ducks together and while kids played on the swings we kept them interested with a nature collecting hunt. Even some of the other kids at the park joined in and they loved finding 2 brown sticks and 3 seeds and 1 green leaf etc.

Quick fun indoor games on a rainy day...  hopscotch was a completely new concept to Ella but she loved it!  We even made some pom pom shooters and enjoyed trying to get them in the bowls. Nothing is more fun than a simple colour hunt and trying to find things of certain colours that are laying around the house (I had painted an egg carton so it was colour coded for her).

Can't get enough of crafts in this house and a few crafty things we did included drawing, painting a tool caddy at local hardware shop, making our own glitter from salt and food colouring and then making glitter pebbles with hot glue gun (mummy did that part).

We even had a family movie night out.  We all loved the new "Inside Out" movie (seriously awesome movie, I can't wait to see it again when it comes out on DVD) I think going to be a great learning movie for alot of ASD kids.  We even managed some pre-movie arcade games, something we could never have done before. This new improved lifestyle has its perks!

We also tried bird watching (or in Ellas case, scaring the birds away), did some sensory play with sludgy slime (mummy loved this one a bit more than I should have) more scavenger hunts and some practice learning to ride her new bike to name just a few things.

I made a few different scavenger hunt pages up for Ella so I thought I'd share them incase anyone would like to try a quick and easy activity to keep kids interested (especially the grocery store one!)  I have put them on separate pages so you an download them individually.

(this one best for locals to the gold coast obviously)

I hope your child likes them as much as Ella does.

Well that's it for this wrap up, it certainly hasn't been totally easy but with less stress and no major meltdowns it is definitely a journey that has been worth it.  

xx Carley

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