14 July 2015

Free printable adult colouring in pages

My name is Carley and I am a colouring in addict.  Ok well maybe not that bad, yet.  But since starting some adult colouring in on the weekend I have been (pardon the pun) drawn in by the therapeutic nature of it. I was pretty stressed out on Sunday morning but after colouring for a few hours I totally chilled out. Best part is it’s free and I’m not online (yep my digital habit getting bad again) plus its encouraging Ella to sit down for a little bit longer each time to join in (on her own paper of course!).  

So I am loving the pro’s to this new hobby, except when the sun goes down, its too hard to colour in with dark shadows cast by harsh lights (first world problems I know).  Anyway I got to thinking and I realised I could design a few colouring in pages myself using some of my old digital scrapbooking designs.

So last night while there was nothing interesting to watch on TV I got to creating and designed these two pages incorporating some journalling space into them (which I also love).  I have been hanging out all day to get them uploaded so I could share them with you.  I have already started one of them myself.  I hope you like them as much as I do!  I already have some other ideas in mind to make more pages so stay tuned for more in the next few weeks.

You can download the pages here.

Enjoy!  :-)

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