05 July 2015

The Letter of the week is L (and a free printable)

We have had another good homeschooling week (well apart from the fact that most places are crowded due to school holidays and Ella getting sick) but we tried to make the most of staying home with some activites that relate to our letter of the week.... L

Although it wasn't as full a week as I'd hoped with Ella being sick, here is a look at some of the things we did when she was up for it.

Frist up at the start of the week was a trip to the Library.  We found a few L books such as lions, leopards, ladybug girl, life in the trees, little miss muffet and even one of Ella's favourite ABC shows on DVD "Louie".  

Some of the printable and craft activties we did this week included making mini lighthouses, lacing, a love heart garland and making ladybuys from an egg carton.

We also decorated a llama, followed along with the DVD "Louie" and did some drawing and painted a lion using a fork.  The start of the week was wet and miserable so all these activities were perfect to stay inside and keep dry.

These fast and easy printables are great to work on 'sitting still' skills as they don't take long but are fun just the same. Most of the printable I found on pinterest but I also had some I had on my computer from her early therapy years and one I made myself.  You can download my Letter L printable here (consists of one quick find the letter game and 2 pages for drawing on or decorating with L items).  Don't forget to also check out my homeschool board on pinterest for the other ideas.

Once the weather cleared up we went on a 'leaf collecting' hunt.  Ella enjoyed finding all different types and we glued them to paper while discussing the different colours and sizes (although they didn't stick well so I laminated them!!!).

In the kitchen this week we made some lemon butter.  Ella licked the lemons but wouldn't try the finished butter as it wasn't yellow (dam that rapadura sugar making everything brown :-( , oh well maybe next time) But she had fun squeezing the lemons to get the juice out.
Hope you like our quick overview of our week of the letter L.

  Next week is the letter P so I'm off to pin some P activities!!!!

Have a great week xx

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